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Anonymous asked: How did you get so many followers and create a popular blog?

years and years of work and patience. I honestly didn’t do anything special. I didn’t even message people to follow me actually maybe a few times but other than that I never really posted any of my own pictures. I just kinda slowly gained followers and then a huge rush came in. you just gotta put in the effort and wait for the outcome

Anonymous asked: How did you start modeling?

I just got asked by the owner of the boutique!!!

Anonymous asked: Do you define yourself as an introvert or an extrovert?

extrovert definitely. I’m very social and outgoing but I guess I’m shy sometimes too idk. but mainly id say I’m an extrovert

Anonymous asked: If so many people are always telling u how beautiful u are why don't u think so too? U always say 'wish I could see it that way' but you ARE beautiful!

I don’t know I guess I just never really saw it or believed it. idk I don’t wanna talk about this pleaseeee

Anonymous asked: Ur prettyyyyy

thank youuuuu 😚

Anonymous asked: I need help my bf and I have been together for a long time (years) and lately we aren't clicking at all. He is at a summer class and I'm working so we decided to take a break. But the week before he left we hung out everyday and one day we got into a huge fight then the next day we hu then the next day we fought then hu again and then the day he leaves he tells me he "doesn't think he likes me anymore"... we've been together for years do u really think he just stopped liking me idk what to do

I think you two just got too comfortable in the relationship. you both still love each other but he thinks right now the current situation that he’s in (being single and huing with other people) is what he actually wants. soon enough though it’s going to hit him hard that it’s not what he wants because if you and him have been together for years and years, there’s no way he’s going to just stop loving you and stop wanting you. as for now, go out do your own thing and try as much as possible to distract yourself and start to move on as much as you won’t like that. I’m sorry this is all happening and if you’d like anymore support just message me again