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Anonymous asked: I have to thank you for giving me advice you really are a smart bright person and I admire you so much. You really helped me out during my rough patch. Thank you so much.

I’m so happy I could help ❤️ ily all

Anonymous asked: Do you enjoy sex with stephen or is it a chore?? Sorry if this is too personal!!!

HAHAHAHHA very personal and my sister does follow me on here lol but no definitely not a chore sorry if this is tmi for anyone

Anonymous asked: Blair Waldorf is that you? (Actually, you really do look like her)

okay so far from the truth but best compliment ever 😊😊☺️☺️

Anonymous asked: how have you dealt with girls being mean to you because i really can't get it out of my head that some people dislike me for no reason when i haven't done anything to them it makes me really sad

I ignore them (unless it gets out of hand then I wouldn’t be afraid to say something to them) but for now you just have to ignore them and realize whatever things they are saying about you are so unimportant bc if people are actually agreeing with some of these mean girls opinions then they don’t really know you and they aren’t worth your time. if girls don’t like you for no reason then ignore them and just keep giving them reasons to be jealous and be the bigger person by ignoring them. you’re so special and they don’t even see it so it’s their loss

Anonymous asked: i just wanted to say thank you for being genuinely nice to everyone in school because a lot of people think that some of your friends can be really mean. everyone really likes you because you aren't fake nice to others, you actually mean it. it makes me really happy that you aren't one of those girls that thinks that they have to be mean to be popular or liked by others so thank you so much and please don't change

wow thank you so much. I’ll definitely keep up whatever it is I’m doing 😊☺️ I’m really happy you told me this thank you anon

Anonymous asked: I was the last anon to ask you a can i follow my heart if idk what it wants. I love my boyfriend and its easy to stay with him but everything about his best friend intrigues me. We would have so many less problems and would be really compatible. How can i know what my heart wants if ive never kissed his best friend or anything like that ya know?

think about it this way, if you really loved and wanted to be with your boyfriend would his best friend ever have intrigued you in the first place? probably not so I think you should definitely think about things long and hard. everything will take time but put yourself first here and whatever makes you happy is what you should do

un-funnyy asked: hi

hi. everyone follow this girls blog it’s the funniest thing ever and she’s one of my favorite people ever

Anonymous asked: Ive been dating this person for a long time and weve been up and down and i have messed up. I may have lost feelings and i think im in love with their best friend sometimes our relationship is amazing and sometimes it sucks. What do i do?

simple and cheesy answer but follow your heart. theres no point in staying with someone if it makes you unhappy

Anonymous asked: I'd consider myself the luckiest boy alive if I got to call you mine

wow thank you anon :) unfortunately im taken!!!