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Anonymous asked: What kind of music do u like?

all kinds: country, alternative, mainstream pop music, edm, dubstep, alt. rock, indie folk, rock, oldies

legit all music

Anonymous asked: What do u do when you get really lonely

to be honest i overthink and get really sad and its the worst. if i dont want to be sad about it ill talk to one of my best friends or something

Anonymous asked: Are u with the same boyfriend you were last year?

yes i am!! almost 2 years this summer

Anonymous asked: do you miss people that you used to be friends with?

i get this question alot and yes i do

Anonymous asked: What's the cutest thing someone's ever done for you

hmmm wow this is a hard one um to be completely honest i dont really know if i think of anything ill edit this post hahahahahaha im sorry!!!!

Anonymous asked: Is there anyone in your school you wish you knew on a deeper level

definitely. i dont know if anyone feels this way sometimes, but i look at people sometimes and im like wow they look really awesome and different and fun and like a great person i wish i knew them better. who knows that could be just me but yes i definitely do wish i knew people on a greater level

Anonymous asked: how's your boyfriend???

good!!!! he just passed his road test today!! im so happy for him